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Sep 2, 2020

So an Atheist, a Muslim, and a pair of Christians walk into a....

(you’ll have to listen for the punchline)

Regardless, in this day and age, having meaningful conversations in a respectful way is not only necessary but I’d go so far as to say, it’s mandatory.  That is, if the overall objective is the well being of society. 

Our discussion with Atheist Eric D. Murphy and Muslim Ahmad Siddiqui opened our eyes at how important it is to slow down when handling hot topics.  There’s not much slowing down these days, and we’re doing ourselves a disservice as a result. Yet, there is still a growing number of people who are hungry to learn, seeking truth and passionate about productive conversations.

Our goal is to set the bar high, and exemplify an open attitude as we facilitate uncomfortable conversations and unpack tension.  Hopefully this episode showcases this school of thought at the highest level as we discuss objective truth, belief, society’s shortcomings and even a bit of politics.

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