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Nov 10, 2020

What a wild election we’re having, right? Doesn’t even seem like we’re close to resolution.  So are all the prophets wrong? Well, right or wrong, whatever ends up happening in January 2021 will send shockwaves throughout the country. 

Our guest today, Doc Kennedy has spent a ton of time researching prophecy about our nation, and about President Trump.  Doc is a proud American and patriot. He’s a stand-up comedian out of Nashville, TN and winner of the 2019 Lea Ciastko Spirit of Comedy Award.  A history buff (studying from accurate sources) Doc Kennedy’s had the honor of slinging jokes from stage on the Huckabee network show and sharing the truth about our great nation.  

It’s striking just how many Christian prophets have made claims with CONFIDENCE about Decision 2020.  There are people who made predictions about Trump’s Presidency in the early 1980s! 

So what are they saying?

Listen for a jarring episode with interesting predictions about politics and the state of our great nation.  We’re all waiting for resolution and trying to stay calm.  Some are celebrating, others are worrying.  Yet, there’s a small group of confident Christians who are watching, praying, and waiting for righteousness to prevail and wickedness to be exposed.

We shall see...

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