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May 18, 2021

It’s PART 2 of our fascinating, supernatural convo with skeptic and fellow podcaster, Ashley Sanders, and demon-fighting, witch-doctor-battling follower of Jesus, Patrick Wandera.  This time we pull out all the stops and talk about real-life mermaids, vampires and shape-shifters!  If you want to know why the devil cares so much about you going to hell, you’ll want to hear the rest of our conversation.

Ashley Sanders runs MadFam Music and is a critical religious skeptic and comedian who makes sure pastors and religious leaders are preaching the life they claim. You can follow Ashley on Instagram @starmadnessradio

Patrick Wandera serves as full-time minister of the gospel with Deliverance Church Makerere Hill in Kampala, Uganda. He’s an open air and conference speaker, having ministered all over Uganda, the East African region and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit, with signs and wonders following. He’s the author of Seven Years in Hell, Soul Merchants and Satan’s Attack on the Local Church. You can check out his YouTube Channel, Great Deliverance Ministries where he goes into even greater detail about the people he’s ministered to and the incredible things he’s seen throughout the years. 

Get ready MAC, it’s time for some stories you probably won’t believe that will keep you asking questions you’ll demand answers to.  Enjoy!