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Jun 15, 2021

Atheists and Christian conversations are fascinating…especially when you combined skepticism with stories of the supernatural.  This is what we’re giving you today Miracles & Atheists Community! (#theMAC)  Our first guest representing the atheist position is Boris Ekner, a native of Sweden who currently lives with his wife in Guatemala and has been since 2010. Boris has no belief in any supernatural occurrences whatsoever, and he was interested in being on The Miracles & Atheists Podcast after listening to Episode 019 with Jason Stray Cat Williams and Robby Graham.  
Boris wants to find an answer to his question, “If God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, why has He never stopped a child rapist in his tracks?
Our second guest, Perry Maison is going to give us his take.  Perry is a Christian, a Kingdom Strategist and co-pastor of Shekinah Glory International in Durham, North Carolina.  Perry says he’s doing what he was born to do, and that’s connecting people with his Father, to love Jesus passionately, and to fellowship with his best friend, Mighty Holy Spirit.
Boris asks this and other heavy questions for our heavy conversation, and we talk extensively to navigate through them.  We know you’ll find value in learning from these two polar opposite world views.  It's conversations like these that will take you out of the “Echo Chamber” that’s doing its best to tear apart the fabric of our society. 

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