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Jun 7, 2022

It only took 2 YEARS but Season One of The Miracles & Atheists Podcast is riding off into the sunset! It’s time to take it up a notch, it’s time to get MORE uncomfortable.  We’re going to be talking about things that will get a guy kicked off YouTube or Facebook, things that will cause the “fact-checkers” to spread more lies…and it all comes down to an ANTI-GOD NARRATIVE.  

We talk about where we’re taking Miracles & Atheists and break some surprising news to our community.  Season Two will dive into not only uncomfortable conversations about faith and religion, but we’re gonna tackle uncomfortable conversations about political narratives and the agendas of powerful people.  We’ll present evidence the mainstream media has suppressed, and expose evil you probably never knew existed.  

Will our atheist friends use the same level of skepticism to evaluate the mainstream narrative as they use for their evaluation of God?  

We’ll also reveal our vision for the Miracles & Atheists film, and how you can support it.

It’ll be interesting…so let’s go! 


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