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Sep 27, 2022

Could you imagine owning NOTHING and being happy?  Yeah, me neither.  There’s an interesting video and article that the World Economic Forum (WEF) put out in 2016 called, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030” which served as a compilation of the WEF’s agenda, "prophesied" by their own sorcerers and soothsayers, whom they call their Global Future Councils. Interestingly enough, these predictions would seem to be coming to pass right before our eyes, six years later.  

Is this fulfilled prophecy?  Hardly…

The predictions of these false prophets are being pushed into fruition by as much demonic force as deemed necessary, by the elite groups who aim to control humanity in all aspects of life.

In this Season 2 short, you’ll see the stark contradiction between the agenda of the WEF and God’s agenda.  We’ll go through each prediction and do our best to expose the deception and how it could affect you, personally.  There’s a lot of darkness to unpack, but there’s absolutely good news: God wins!

If you’re an atheist, skeptic or agnostic... 

Do you believe the narratives that accompany these predictions?  Do you see the manipulation?  Are you questioning these things, or are you limiting your skepticism to the existence of God?  

As always, we encourage everyone who partakes in the Miracles and Atheists Community to maintain a consistent worldview, and apply logic and reason to every aspect of society, which includes but is not limited to, religion. 

Is it ok to be a gullible skeptic and embrace the mainstream narrative and then call Christians gullible for believing in the Divinity of Jesus Christ?

Just food for thought…enjoy this one, I get a little fired up.


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