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Nov 8, 2022

Midterm elections? They’re just gonna cheat anyway so why bother heading to the polls, right? 


Some believe we’re in a spiritual war.  As we begin our transition to Season 2 of Miracles & Atheists, we’ll be exposing our community to movements and agendas that you won’t see from the mainstream media. There’s solid evidence out there revealing the anti-God agenda behind some of the things we see, and the policies that come out of this year’s midterm elections are NO EXCEPTION.

There’s a time for silence, and today ain’t it.  If you like the direction our Republic is heading, stay home indeed.  If you want to save our Republic, let’s get into what’s going on and why it’s important to cast your vote and overwhelm the polls while you still can.

It’s political, it’s spiritual, it’s probably censored…it’s Miracles & Atheists.


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