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Feb 14, 2023

Is editing a person’s genes not all that big of a deal?  Just stick you with a needle, remove your defects using CRISPR technology, or inject some protein compound into your cells using mRNA technology and move on, right?


You would certainly get that impression by listening to guys like Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab.  They talk of things like the “4th industrial revolution,” and changing your “identity,” and changing “who you are,” the fact that this isn’t a mainstream topic of conversation says a lot about our media in 2023.


They also talk about going “beyond the God of the Bible.” 

Yes, seriously.


What are the spiritual consequences of changing who you are with technology, or even talking like they do about becoming gods?


This is the topic we’ll explore as we get into Part 2 of Nick Snapp’s conversation with Jason Deramo, titled, “Reprogramming God’s Code: The Technology that Opens the Door for Satan to Emerge.”





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