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Mar 28, 2023

Capturing ON FILM the genuine moment an atheist experiences the power of God for the first time…is this even possible? 


Will it be authentic? 


For many, whether believers or non-believers, it can be challenging to ascertain the authenticity of a “spiritual moment” caught on film, without questioning whether that moment was setup, or if there are alternative motives behind the experience.  We can’t have that with Miracles & Atheists, and that’s one of the reasons atheists and Christians are working together to experience “so-called” miraculous events, to film these experiences.  The movie-making process is a unique one and we’d like to share that process with The Miracles & Atheists Community.  That’s why we’re also partnering with award-winning digital media/content producer, editor, speaker and coach, AND our new co-host of the Miracles & Atheists podcast, Niel Guilarte. Niel specializes in high end media creation and post production as well as coaching businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives in developing and bringing their visions to life pulling from over 30 years of experience in pro audio / video production and post production for television, video, online platforms, indie film, podcasting and more.


Nick Snapp and Niel Guilarte talk about what it was like to hit the streets with a camera, strike up some spiritual conversations, pray with people and take risks to see what happens.  We talk about the movie-making process and why people are starting to get excited about the Miracles & Atheists movie. 





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