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Jul 4, 2020

Unpacking the tension between different world views of the supernatural.
It’s been a long time in the making, but the Miracles & Atheists podcast is officially LIVE on this Independence Day, 2020.  It seems ironic with all that’s going on in the world at the present moment, to launch a show dedicated to facilitating civil discourse between different world views, especially related to religion and spirituality.
Most would agree there is very little civil discourse going on in the United States.  The focus of the world is on division: emotions grow strong and tension becomes crippling. The Miracles & Atheists podcast is coming at a critical time, one that finds our nation is paying attention and seeking purpose.
Perhaps this is a fitting time to have important, uncomfortable conversations.  Could we show the nation that people of wildly different perspectives talk together, behave as adults, talk in a respectful manner, and even find common ground?
There is a bit of a backstory on how this podcast came to fruition, birthed out of a 7-month season of 4-hour livestream events, and it’s good to bring it back, in this  more focused, intentional podcast platform. 
Nick Snapp and Marcus Plating share hosting responsibilities for the Miracles & Atheists podcast, (the MAP) and we do our best to break down for our audience:
  • why we’re taking on this project
  • what to expect
  • hot topics that could come up
  • the type of content
  • what we would like to accomplish
We’re humbled you decided to listen to our inaugural episode, there’s plenty of TENSION to unpack but we’ll make it worth your while, even have a little fun in the process! 
Welcome to The Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC).