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Oct 5, 2021

As if hosting an uncomfortable conversation in public weren’t enough, we gave the microphone to our audience, and allowed for a raw and emotional Q&A session with our guests, Dr. Chris Berg of Spirit of Truth Outreach, professor of theology and apologetics at Ecclesia College and Patrick Walsh, leader of The Atheists, Agnostics and Apostates group of Raleigh.

This is Part 2 of our latest LIVE podcasting event at The Raleigh Market, so if you haven’t listened to Part 1, you may want to do that now...

The Q&A was a lot of fun.  We really enjoyed engaging with the audience and we learned a few things along the way too:

  • First, NEVER hand your wireless microphone to a stranger in the audience...maintain 100% possession of the mic, and hold it towards their covid-free mouth.  
  • Second, give the hosts an opportunity to answer a few questions - they need part of the action as well.
  • Third, bring a timer. This way, the audience can be more succinct and more people can ask questions. 

We had some good questions that may even make you a bit uncomfortable (or not)...enjoy.