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Sep 21, 2021

Oh, we did it again! Podcasting IN PUBLIC for the 2nd time (whew)!  That’s right, we set up a tent, brought our equipment and some good outdoor speakers, and ran everything off battery power so we could talk about a very non-superficial conversation...the accuracy and reliability of the Bible:

  • Is the Bible reliable?
  • Do we have the real thing?
  • Who really wrote the Bible?
  • Where did we get it from?

Our first guest is Mr. Patrick Walsh, leader of The Atheists, Agnostics and Apostates group of Raleigh.  Patrick considers himself an agnostic atheist, meaning he does not know if God exists which makes him agnostic, but also sees no good reason to believe, which makes him an atheist as well.  

Patrick does not believe in any of the miracle stories he’s heard, whether in the Bible or  from personal testimonies.  He wanted to be part of this event not to convert people to atheism, but because he wants people to question their beliefs. He says he wants to live in a world that is more rational and more compassionate, and he thinks faith is not really a reliable pathway to logic or compassion.

Also joining us is Dr. Chris Berg.  Dr. Berg is a professor of theology and apologetics at Ecclesia College and founded Spirit of Truth Outreach, engaging students with apologetics and the truth of the Gospel.  He recently released a book called, The New Age Trojan Horse which examines the differences between Christian theology and New Age beliefs.

Dr. Berg is always happy to share the truth of the Gospel and defend the Word of let’s get on with it!  

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