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Jul 22, 2022

Are artificial wombs a good thing?  There seem to be multiple drivers for pushing forward in this field of science: preventing neonatal mortality, saving mothers who die during birth, giving transgenders and same-sex couples non-surrogate options for having children…I can wrap my head around these types of motivations but my gut is telling me there’s something else going on here.  What would you find if you peel back the LGBTQ layers and get to the heart of the matter?

Who will have access to this technology?  Are there countries out there who have reproductive restrictions, even for married couples? Who’s funding these experiments?

This is another M&A Short, a preview of things to come when we launch Season 2 as the M&A team enjoys some much needed time off this summer, so stay tuned…

If you're an atheist, we're interested in having you as a guest to discuss interesting topics like transhumanism and artificial wombs, so connect with Miracles & Atheists!  Here's how:


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