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Dec 21, 2021

A real-life vampire who lived off human blood for one year…WOW! Today we’ll get to the second half of our provocative conversation with Ex-Vampire, Ex-Satanist, Ex-Wicca, Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, and popular atheist YouTuber, Eric D. Murphy

What a conversation this has proven to be…people have taken a serious interest.  It was an intense dialog and frankly, we're not entirely sure what to do with a lot of the things we discussed.  We covered some serious ground not related to modern-day vampirism, but also real-life werewolves and the idea of a flat earth!  

Before you put your headphones on, if you haven’t heard it already make sure you go back and check out episode 042 for the first half of the conversation at and let us know what you think by leaving us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcasts.